CareOne CEO Daniel Straus Talks America’s Healthcare System with Congressman Josh Gottheimer

Posted on: May 10, 2017

CareOne hosted a conversation last evening at their assisted living community in Paramus with over 50 physicians affiliated with CareOne with Congressman Josh Gottheimer.  The Congressman listened to opinions an feedback related to a wide range of topics centered on health care…most notably the recent passage of the American Health Care Act by the House.

Topics such as cumbersome administrative expenses associated with the affordable care act…electronic health records, burdensome paperwork related to approvals for patient tests and procedures and a debate regarding the value of pre-existing conditions.

Many of the physicians expressed frustration with things connected to The Affordable Care Act such as accountable care organizations, bundle payments and measures that create difficulty in providing care in a way that meets their standards.

Daniel Straus CareOne’s President and CEO stated “I am interested in our affiliated physicians expressing their minds to people who can help make an impact with the direction of health care, clearly there are a lot of opinions regarding things that can be done to improve patient care.  We advocate for physician independence in driving care decisions and from what we have seen their have been a lot barriers in achieving this.”

Congressman Gottheimer said he will take the feedback and suggestions back to Washington with him and appreciated the candor of the physicians in attendance said “I learned a lot from our discussion tonight and pledge to help in anyway I can.”