How to Find the Right Senior Care Facility

Posted on: September 29, 2017

We understand making the decision to move a senior family member into a care facility is a difficult choice. The transition is often met with resistance by our loved ones, creating a stressful situation for all parties involved. However, there are ways to make this difficult transition easier.

Whether you are seeking a senior care facility to assist a loved one’s medical needs or to promote a healthy lifestyle change, finding the correct facility will open the door to accept the transition and ensure long-term happiness for your loved one.

With this in mind, we have compiled a helpful guide on how to find the right senior care facility for your loved one to feel safe, supported, and satisfied.

Senior Care Options and Lifestyle Requirements

Does your loved one require long-term care, assisted living, a specialty care service, or perhaps an environment that permits them to live a life of independence they are accustomed to? Inquiring about the elder-care services provided by a facility is a critical component to selecting the proper senior care center.

For instance, CareOne, under the direction of President and CEO Daniel Straus, offers a comprehensive selection of services and medical specialty programs designed to create an individualized plan for the health care of you or your loved one.

Post-acute rehabilitation services provide extensive medical and physical rehabilitation to patients, while specialized assisted living communities implement a complete spectrum of care, combining clinical support, recreational activities, and personalized services.

CareOne’s long-term care program is designed to give you and your loved one a comfortable, seamless transition into the long-term care environment while giving you top-of-the-line medical attention and services. Their cutting-edge Alzheimer’s and memory care program, Harmony Village, serves to give residents a soothing, secure environment in which they experience enhanced quality of life in harmony with others. 

Define Your Budget

Defining your budget and understanding the financial considerations when seeking senior care options is an important aspect of the search process. Services such as long-term or assisted living may be funded directly by the patient through his or her own financial resources, while patients with post-acute/after-hospital care are generally covered by insurance. Each prospective facility should provide you with an overview of the financial options available to your family including but not limited to rates and a review of insurance benefits when applicable.

Schedule Facility Tours and Ask Questions

The decision process of choosing the right senior care facility is no different than purchasing a home – it involves a serious amount of consideration.

Similar to  home buying, it is important to schedule viewing tours of each facility before making a choice. Compile a list of qualities your ideal senior care center must offer, along with a list of questions that address your individual needs and requirements.

If possible, encourage your loved one to attend these tours with you so they may interact with the staff and ask questions to help become more comfortable with the options that are available to them.

Some questions to ask or consider while touring prospective elder-care centers include:

Location Considerations:

  • Is the location close to shops, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, or other important points of interest?
  • Is the location convenient for family and friends to visit?
  • If the facility is not in your town, are there accommodations available for you to reserve nearby?

Financial Considerations:

  • What types of payment are accepted?
  • What programs, if any, are available to help residents afford care?

Facility Considerations:

  • Do they offer the services your loved one requires?
  • Are the grounds clean and orderly?
  • Is there convenient outdoor parking with handicap spaces available?
  • Is there a safe, enclosed area where residents can enjoy the outdoors and/or walk outside?
  • Does the facility have spacious, well-lit hallways that are easy to navigate?
  • Are visits to the residents allowed at any time, or are there set visiting hours?

Residential Living Spaces Considerations:

  • Do most residents have a private room or shared space?
  • Are there rooms with an outdoor space? I.e. porch or patio.
  • Are there rooms with kitchens/kitchenettes in them?
  • Is housekeeping for units provided – and included in the price?

Food Considerations:

  • Inquire if they will let you sample the cuisine offered during your scheduled tour.
  • Are the dining areas inviting and clean?
  • How many meals are provided a day?
  • Are there any mid-day snacks available to residents?
  • Can residents invite non-residents to dine with them?
  • Can residents bring food back to their room?

Activity Considerations:

  • Are there any fitness programs in place to encourage remaining active?
  • Does the facility offer day-trips or scheduled interaction with the outside community?
  • Is there a list of posted activities that you feel your loved one would be interested partaking in?

Staff Considerations:

  • What’s the ratio of staff to residents?
  • What’s the staff turnover rate?
  • Are background checks performed before hiring staff? If so, when and how?
  • How much training do staff members have?
  • Is there an RN, LVN, or CNA on staff? 

Interested in learning more about CareOne’s wealth of services and amenities? Be sure to visit CareOne for more information about getting started.