Daniel Straus and CareOne’s Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Effort

Posted on: September 26, 2017

Dear All Employees and Associates:

As you know, Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. This storm has gone down as the most powerful hurricane that has hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years. Many of you may not be aware, however, that in addition to our senior care business, CareOne, I have built a number of successful businesses over the years. One of those companies, Innovacare, is based in Puerto Rico and is a sizable contributor to the portfolio of companies that I run as a part of our family business and which employs over two thousand people. I consider these employees a part of our family, and I ask that you do the same. Innovacare, like CareOne, Partners and Ascend, is in the business of caring for people and provides health insurance to over 500,000 Puerto Rican citizens.

As we work to assist Innovacare and its employees rebound, rebuild and recover, they will need all of our thoughts and prayers. Many employees have lost their homes, are without basic essentials, and are living now in unhealthy, unsafe conditions. We are fortunate as a large organization that we have resources and assistance available and ready to go to help them. By all accounts, the rebuilding is going to take years. My focus now is to provide as much immediate relief as possible. As I did 5 years ago in the Northeast with Hurricane Sandy, I am personally asking for all of your help to aid our employees in Puerto Rico – these are your co-workers and I appreciate your compassion in advance as we embark on relief and fundraising efforts to assist them in the upcoming months.

I want to thank Lizzy for her drive and leadership in organizing our fundraising efforts for our employees in Puerto Rico and the event on October 19th (details forthcoming) which I know will be a huge success and benefit many lives.

The work we have done over the years with several charities and those which supported our employees in devastating circumstances has made us a stronger company and truly a family of caring. My heart is always full when I witness our teams coming together to support one another in the most difficult of times. Your brothers and sisters are in the most difficult times now in Puerto Rico and desperately need our assistance.

Thank you all as always for your kindness and support.

Daniel E. Straus