CareOne Selected As Finalist For NJ Monthly Magazine Great Oak Awards Honoring The State’s Most Generous Companies

Posted on: August 18, 2014

CareOne is honored to be selected as a finalist for the New Jersey Monthly Magazine Great Oak Awards, honoring the state’s businesses for their work on behalf of charitable causes.   “The name (Great Oak Awards) is emblematic of the companies we would like to recognize now and in the years to come,” wrote NJ Monthly Magazine.  “Sturdy and solid, deeply rooted in New Jersey, capable of impressive growth, and able to bend and change with the times – these companies are pillars of their communities and in it for the long haul.  Most importantly, they give back in unique and impressive ways.”

A total of 56 finalists have been divided into three categories: Small companies (up to 100 NJ employees), medium companies (101-1,500 NJ employees), and large companies (1,501+ NJ employees).  CareOne joins sixteen prestigious businesses in the large company category, including Johnson & Johnson, PSE&G, and Bank of America.  “We are built on charity, compassion and giving back,” said CareOne Executive Vice President Elizabeth Straus.  “My father (CareOne CEO Daniel E. Straus) always taught me that you have to be able to take care of your own, as well as people in need.  That’s not only the people in our centers, but also people in our community, in our state and the rest of the world.  We just want to make a difference.”  The Great Oak Awards will conclude on September 30th, when the 10 winners will be revealed at an awards dinner in Somerset Park, NJ.