CareOne CEO Daniel Straus Shows First-Rate Care as He Makes His Staff Whole from Sandy

Posted on: April 25, 2013

Immediately after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, the senior team at CareOne health systems in New Jersey sat down together in their main offices in Fort Lee to determine the impact the storm may have had on the centers, its patients and the business. It was during that time when Daniel Straus heard what turned out to be the most devastating part of CareOne’s story.

Daniel Strauss

His daughter Elizabeth and the administrative team summed up the impact on the facilities as having been fairly light, but more than 100 of their staff and employees were now either homeless, living in a mess, and have suffered enormous losses personally due to the unprecedented flooding and winds. Daniel decided to act then and organize an effort to make his staff comfortable again.

Believing strongly that these people have given CareOne so much of themselves over the years working for him, he knew that his priority was to see that his people were alright. “People who have been here for ten years, even longer, were now homeless,” Straus said. “Knowing that they were hurt was the deepest pain for us; we had to do something.”

Elizabeth Straus spearheaded an effort along with close family friends, Raphael Benaroya and Justice Gary S. Stein to raise more than $1 million to give back to the staff at the company. They held a casino night fundraiser, and Daniel Straus and those friends whom he asked all contributed to fund as well.

On Wednesday, April 24th, 2013, Daniel Straus and his team personally handed the last of the checks to about 40 members of the staff at the King George facility in Atlantic Highlands, right around the area hit hardest by the October storm.

Straus said, “To see them in need and then not do something hurt much, and now we have an opportunity to to give it back to them and make them whole again.”

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