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Posted on: November 1, 2018

It is hard to shake the numbness that I and members of my family and community feel as a result of the unthinkable hate crime which took place in Pittsburgh on Saturday. We are sadly reminded that antisemitism is a force that we may always have to combat and live with, but that we should never succumb to. The 11 victims of the Tree of Life massacre were our brothers and sisters, not just within our community, but to the world. Their life stories exemplify their love for humanity, their love for their community, their love of their their faith, as well as exemplifying the strength of overcoming unimaginable adversity to lead exceptional lives. Saturday’s attack was an attack on all people and on the freedom’s, religious and otherwise, that we as a society value above all else. My hope for my children and grandchildren is that our community can find a way to heal, forgive and learn from this tragedy so that the incredible lives that we lost, and the deep pain and sorrow this has caused so many, will not be in vain and lead to a more harmonious and tolerant world in the future.

CareOne CEO Daniel Straus Talks America’s Healthcare System with Congressman Josh Gottheimer

Posted on: May 10, 2017

CareOne hosted a conversation last evening at their assisted living community in Paramus with over 50 physicians affiliated with CareOne with Congressman Josh Gottheimer.  The Congressman listened to opinions an feedback related to a wide range of topics centered on health care...most notably the recent passage of the American Health Care Act by the House.